▶ Enrollment Guidance

Enrollment guidance summary

We belong to no religious group, political organization. Our history is old in the private gagaku sector and is active widely.
We are inviting 5 lecturers from the music department of the Imperial Household Agency, once a week to give lectures on shô, hichiriki, fue, and dances.
Our classroom is particularly recommended for the person who wants to study from the basics definitely, and who wants to learn a genuine article.


Please see、"Subjects" for more info.

Closing date

※ The classroom is closed as a general rule for a holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays

Membership Fee

Annual fee:¥10,000
Monthly  fee:¥ 9,000 / 1 Subject
※ We don't take an entrance fee.

Observe the classroom

Accepted at any time.
Please send us an e-mail with the following contents.
 Your Name
 Class which you want to observe (ex:Sho Class)
 Proposed date (Please give plural candidates day)
 Your Gagaku experience 
 Your phone number


About gagaku instrument

Please prepare the gagaku instrument respectively, but please refer for any questions.