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▶ History of Performance / Record of Awards

Domestic performance

Ever since the group participated in the Art Festival in 1962 to hold its first gagaku performance, it has held regular performances of gagaku every fall at the National Theatre.
This year will mark its 56th anniversary.

Overseas Performance

Has held performances between 1972 and 2016 at the following cities:
Hawaii (15 times), the Republic of China (5 times), Hong Kong (3 times), Singapora (3 times), Bangkok (3 times), Los Angels, Seoul, Kunming, Bali, Jakarta, Manila, Barcelona, Madris, Istambul, Milano, Rome, Napoli, Prades, Venice, Bologna, Belguim, Gronningen, Amsterdam, Maastricht Rotterdam, Koln and Paris.


Winning 1962 Minister of Education prize for encouragement