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The Japan Gagaku Society was founded in 1962 by OSHIDA Yoshihisa in an aim to spread and develop gagaku. The group has given workshops and concerts of gagaku as well as touring overseas. Currently there are about 60 members.
Those who wish to learn gagaku are welcome to make inquiries.

Main Activities

Regular concerts
Gagaku classes (inviting 5 lecturers from the music department of the Imperial Household Agency once a week to give lectures on shô, hichiriki, fue and dances)
Gagaku classes for students that includes interpretations
Others: Activities for the spread and development of gagaku


Name:The Japan Gagaku Society
Address:3-8-14 Kounandai,Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 2770942, Japan
TEL:(81) 4.7191-1638
FAX:(81) 4.7191-1638
date of establishment:May,1962


Chairperson NAKAZAWA Nobutaka
The chief director KATAYANAGI Shigeo
The vice-chief director YAMASHIRO Taeko
The vice-chief director OTA Mihoko